TriBeCa Campus, Univ.of Pretoria - 2012

TriBeCa Campus - EarthWorld Architects

As designers we were taken on a process of the making of a meaningful thing. Careful consideration was given to the locally made, the hand crafted and the process of creating objects that could possibly last a entury. Our value system is slowly changing to accept the qualities of the slowly created object rather than the mass produced, fast made product.

- “Time is no more money than artichokes are angels”

The TriBeCa design aims at delivering interior spaces that kept the design tacit, almost as if the designer was never involved. Attention is given to detail, such as handmade elements, hand painted logos and an interesting, yet durable material palette, which all act together to create the “meaningful thing”. Tribeca has a sense of modesty and the allure of a bygone era when reading and travelling was romantic and time for eating and enjoyment was the essence of life and not a mere action for survival.

TriBeCa Campus_ Earthworld Architects
TriBeCa Campus_ Earthworld Architects