TriBeCa Central Factory - 2016

The new Tribeca Central building is a multi-disciplinary complex situated approximately 200m away from the original Tribeca Coffee building.

The building consists of an industrial bakery, kitchen, coffee factory, coffee roastery, warehouse, cafeteria and office space. The most challenging aspect of the design was to ensure the integration of all the different building programmes into one building. Whilst the functionality of the building was paramount, the architecture had to be of good quality to ensure the promotion of the Tribeca brand.

The warehouse is fitted between two stereotomic buildings situated on the east and the west of the site. The warehouse shed was used as a backdrop building to both these buildings. To the east, the main entrance has a glazed façade which is screened by a planted system. The building to the west is heavier and interesting brick details form a monolithic façade that confronts the Old Johannesburg Highway.

The building is still in construction phase and will be completed mid-2016.

TriBeCa Central Factory
TriBeCa Factory 2 - Designed by Earthworld Architects
TriBeCa Central Factory
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